Signage Sentiment Rises in Western and Eastern Europe

OVAB Europe continues to release results from its Digital Signage Business Climate Index for the May/June period. The DBCI tracks sentiment in the digital signage industries in several European markets.

Sentiment rose again in the Spain/Portugal market, up 1.1 points to 57.7 – reflecting the ‘very positive’ current business on the Iberian Peninsula. All of the companies OVAB polled say that their current business situation is ‘good’ or ‘satisfactory’.

Unlike other markets (European DOOH Sentiment Begins to Reverse), the number of companies predicting a market increase over the next six months did not fall; instead, results were largely flat. There was a fall in the number of companies expecting the market to decline (from 4.3% to 0%), and a rise in those expecting it to remain the same (from 26.1% to 30.8%).

As in other markets, OVAB asked about the potential for LED display technology – and results were largely the same. LED is perceived as a potential competitor to LCD technology, primarily in outdoor applications. 84.7% of respondents saw ‘high’ or ‘very high’ potential here, while none saw ‘very high’ potential in indoor applications. 38.5% said that LED had ‘high’ potential in indoor signage.