European DOOH Sentiment Begins to Reverse

OVAB Europe’s latest Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) results, for the France and Benelux regions, show mixed results in the May/June period, since the last survey in January.

Benelux’s DBCI, which tracks sentiment in the industry, was up 3.57 points to 75 points. The market is positive, with almost 90% of companies saying that their current situation is ‘good’, and the remainder describing it as ‘satisfactory’.

Despite the climbing DBCI, the Benelux market outlook for the next six months has turned downwards. From 76.2% in the January survey, 62.5% of respondents now expect their business to be better. 37.5% expect it to remain the same, up from 23.8%. However, no respondents expect the situation to worsen.

OVAB asked about LED display technology, in particular. Digital signage and DOOH companies all see a high-to-very-high potential for the technology, in competition with LCD displays, over the next 24 months. Improvements such as rising pixel pitches and falling prices have increased LED’s market potential. Outdoor installations are seen as the best application.