S[quadrat] Puts Special LEDs in Concert Hall

S[quadrat] GmbH has created an LED display around the entrance of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg, Germany, which has been officially opened. The display uses 10mm pitch LEDs and around 700,000 black face SMD LEDs in customized housings cover the complete entrance wall.

The architects Herzog & de Meuron and Hochtief Ag placed special demands on the wall.

  • First, the whole wall surface, excluding the recesses for the passages and the ticket counter, had to be equipped with LEDs. In order to achieve this, S[quadrat] GmbH developed three different pixel tile sizes.
  • Another indispensable desire was special Duraflon coated aluminum masks on the tiles. The Duraflon coating was sampled and approved by the architects and is a key design element that you can find on many different building components of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall.
  • Complying with the facility’s fire prevention regulations required that the pixel cards have a classification of “V1” according to DIN EN 60950. In case of an inflammation by an external ignition source, the fire spread is restricted to a small area and the fire will extinguish itself within less than 250 seconds.
  • the LED display is supplied with a temperature monitoring system, developed by S[quadrat] GmbH, to permanently monitor the various sectors and compare them with the predefined limit values. In case of an increase of temperature up to the defined automatic switch-off limit, the power supply of the concerned sector respectively the complete LED displays system will be switched off immediately.

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