ROE LED Displays Chosen for 44th Annual EO Youth Day

The 44th EO Youth Day recently took place in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The stage design used over 250m² of LED screens and strips. Faber Audiovisual supplied all visuals for the event.

The set design included ROE Visual’s Magic Cube MC-7 panels, which were used for the main stage screen and DJ Booth, and feature a 7.5mm pixel pitch, a maximum brightness of 5,000cd/m² and a viewing angle of 160°.

The company’s MC-12 panels were used to display visuals on screens and banners to the left and right of the stage, and feature a 12.5mm pixel pitch, a maximum brightness of 6,000cd/m² and a 160° viewing angle.

The outlines of the stage were highlighted with ROE Strip, which have a maximum brightness of 7,000cd/m².