RGBlink is All Modular

China’s RGBlink produces a large variety of digital infrastructure products, including scalers, switchers, routers, mixers and video wall matrices. At Plasa, the company was showing two new products: the Venus X3 video wall controller and X2 router.

Housed in a 3RU chassis, the X3 video wall controller is a modular unit that can accept different input/output and power cards (in case there is a problem with the plug, it can be changed easily). Up to 16 inputs and eight outputs can be installed; these can be of “any” type – the unit we saw had DVI, USB and VGA ports, but DisplayPort, HDMI and 3G-SDI are also supported. Up to eight sources can be layered simultaneously across all eight outputs.

Resolutions up to 16MP (8192 x 2304) can be shown across a video wall, at 60Hz. The X3 supports content zoom and rotate, as well as Genlock.

RGBlink’s X2 router is also modular, with up to 12 inputs and 16 outputs (each supporting 1920 x 1080 content at 60Hz, for a total resolution of 24MP). A Comm module, with an RJ45 port, Genlock and HDMI Sync connectivity is fitted as standard; this can be exchanged for a WiFi Comm module, which turns the unit into an access point for remote control apps.

Dedicated DVI and VGA preview ports are built in to the X2; however, this module can be exchanged for a video streaming over IP unit. A PMOLED display shows the menu. The fans keeping the router cool can be switched to different speeds, depending on the environment.