Green Hippo Adds Object Tracking

As well as its presence on the PSCo stand (PSCo Expands With Acquisition), Green Hippo had its own location near the front of the hall. Here it was showing off its Hippotizer products, for the rental and staging market.

The images were mapped very precisely onto the moving objectsHippotizer 4.1 is new software for the Hippotizer players and servers, which will be launched shortly. Green Hippo has added real-time projection mapping with object tracking to this version, and was demonstrating it on a fairground game with many moving parts. All of the objects in the game were 3D-printed by Green Hippo as simple white shapes – however, using the mapping they became clown heads and faces. It was an impressive demonstration.

Projective textures and dynamic blending are also new in v4.1. The beta edition of v4.2 was also on show, which will include pixel mapping.

In November or December, Green Hippo will roll out Linx – an entirely new product line. Linx is a rack-mounted splitter, which is able to take an UltraHD DisplayPort signal and convert it into four independent 3G-SDI outputs. Two DisplayPort sources can be converted into eight 3G-SDI outputs in this way.