Ray Tracing May be Accelerated by 150X

A hat tip to Jon Peddie’s TechWatch for reporting on new AR/VR-oriented ray tracing. Ray tracing is capable of creating scenes and objects that are genuinely photo-realistic, but takes a huge amount of processor power. We have reported on the development, by Imagination Technology and others, of partial ray-tracing where just small parts of scenes are ray-traced, but most is not. However, even that level is beyond the capability of AR/VR processors.

TechWatch reported that Adshir in Israel has a new approach that is said to use a unique approach to identifying which rays will be visible, reducing the volume of rays that need to be processed. The LocalRay technology is claimed to reduce processing by 150X.

Adshir’s technology is a Software Development Kit, that will be available in Q3 2018, and will function as a plugin to leading graphics platforms (Unity, Unreal, ARcore, ARKit, etc.), enabling the developers to create an immersive user’s experience in VR/AR applications.It runs 100% on the GPU.

LocalRayLocalRay’s logic – Click for higher resolution

There is a video online that shows the graphic above.