First Impression of iPhone X Champions AMOLED Screen

The first impressions of the iPhone X are starting to roll in—this one is courtesy of Steven Levy at Wired. Levy’s review of Apple’s next-generation smartphone was posted after he’d used the device for a week. He describes the Super AMOLED screen—a family first for the iPhone range—as “a noticeable, and greatly pleasurable, advance over my iPhone 7”, though he also feels that the black notch which houses the device’s front-facing sensors bored into the top of the screen is an “aesthetic setback”.

The article goes on to say that the smartphone’s camera is a “major upgrade”, describing his test photographs as “super sharp” and “clearer images than my previous phones”.

Levy also tested out the iPhone X’s Face ID unlocking feature. He ascertained that the phone would not unlock for any of his friends, nor for a static photograph of his own face. He admitted that the device had failed to unlock with his actual face a few times—an Apple representative reportedly advised him to make sure he was making eye contact with the device’s camera.

If you would like to check out Levy’s first impressions of the device’s non-display-centric features, you can read the full article here.