Presagis Launches New Modeling and Simulation Software Suite 14

Presagis (Montreal, Canada) used I/ITSEC 2014 to release its latest modeling and simulation (M&S) software portfolio, M&S Suite 14. M&S Suite 14 expands on the previous release by enabling system integrators and manufacturers to add game-quality 3D content to their simulations at a fraction of the time and cost previously required, reducing the need for large art teams.

Specific enhancements include:

  • Creator 14 is strengthened with the addition of new lighting and surface effects, model fracturing and physics simulation tools that allow content creators to easily define damage states and rapidly optimize simulation models.
  • Terra Vista 14, now a 64-bit application supporting very large-area correlated terrain databases, adds integrated material classification tools to streamline the generation of sensor-ready databases.
  • STAGE 14 now allows users to dynamically add cultural features such as trenches, fences, barbed wire and concrete blocks to simulations, delivering highly realistic results without the need for frequent database regeneration.
  • New additions to HeliSIM 14, including support for up to eight rotor platforms, make it ideal for UAV/UAS simulation.
  • Vega Prime 14 is claimed to offer high-quality visuals through features such as normal and light maps, non-uniform terrain shading, ambient occlusion, narrow FOV (field of view) support and much more – at a new, lower price point that is said to make it “affordable for all budgets”.

Presagis has improved performance across M&S Suite 14 by making it faster and easier to develop re-usable databases and by expanding the range of scenario development options.