Vol 21 - Issue 49


Samsung Takes Action

by Bob Raikes

Action in Poland has taken on Samsung’s large-format displays and hospitality TVs.

Tags:Distributors| Hospitality TVs| Large Display Monitor| LFD - Large Format Display| Poland| Samsung| Vol 21 - Issue 49

A New Star for Tech Data

by Bob Raikes

Newstar has signed a distribution deal with Tech Data in Switzerland, to distribute monitor wall mounts.

Tags:Display Mounts| Distributors| Large Display Monitor| Vol 21 - Issue 49

Tech Data Begins AOC Distribution

by Bob Raikes

Tech Data is now distributing AOC’s LCD monitors in Belgium.

Tags:Belgium| Distributors| Large Display Monitor| MMD (AOC Philips)| Vol 21 - Issue 49

Ooyala Releases Global Video Index Q3’2014

by Helen Vince

sBroadcast/Distribution – Ooyala has released the Global Video Index Q3 2014 which shows the increase of video viewing on global platforms. The index assessed video viewing by platform as a function of the length of …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphones| Streaming Video| tablets| Vol 21 - Issue 49

TI Introduces 1080P TRP Chipset

by Helen Vince

Microdisplays – On December 3rd, Texas Instruments (TI) DLP announced that the 0.47” TRP Full-HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) chipset for video and data display applications is sampling to its third-party developer network. This chipset is the …

Tags:DLP| Mobile Display Monitor| TI (Texas Instruments)| Vol 21 - Issue 49

Forbes Fancies Yota

by Helen Vince

Smartphones – Forbes Magazine has named the Russian YotaPhone 2 as 2014’s “Most Disruptive Smartphone”. Really? I would have said it’s the iPhone 6, not because the iPhone is particularly interesting on the hardware side …

Tags:AMOLED| Awards| EPD (Electrophoretic)| Smartphones| Vol 21 - Issue 49| Yota Devices

Simulator Design Wins Announced at I/ITSEC 2014

by Helen Vince

Simulators – Several design wins were announced at I/ITSEC 2014. 3D perception used I/ITSEC to announce several design wins for its screen and auto-calibration technology called Northstar.  One was a visual solution for ETC Simulation’s incident …

Tags:I/ITSEC 2014| Large Display Monitor| Military & Defence| Simulation| Vol 21 - Issue 49

Google Adding Patents for Wearable Devices

by Helen Vince

Augmented Reality – While many analysts are discussing a potential market exit for Google Glass, Google is adding patents in this field, according to the US patent office. When searching the USPTO for patents assigned …

Tags:Google| Google Glass| Mobile Display Monitor| Patents| Vol 21 - Issue 49

What Will the Apple Watch Do to the Smartwatch Market?

by Helen Vince

Smartwatch – Since Apple announced its Apple Watch with a release date of “some time” in 2015,  many asked why Apple would make such an announcement without having the device ready for shipment. This is a …

Tags:Apple Watch (iWatch)| Smartwatches| Vol 21 - Issue 49| Wearable Market

Scalable and MetaVR Describe Design Wins

by Helen Vince

Simulation & Training – The US Army recently purchased 300 new licenses of MetaVR visuals for embedded training in its Universal Ground Control Stations and for Institutional Mission Simulators.  The Army uses MetaVR Virtual Reality …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Laser Projectors| Military & Defence| Simulation| sony| Vol 21 - Issue 49

Wearable Sensor Market Set to Explode

by Helen Vince

Wearables – There is a coming age of sensors just around the corner, if you are a believer in the technology wave set to take over consumer electronics beginning (you guessed it) NOW. And that …

Tags:IHS Markit| Mobile Display Monitor| Sensors| Vol 21 - Issue 49| Wearable Market

STEM and 3D

by Helen Vince

3D in Education – 3D continues to be a topic of interest at national and regional STEM conferences. (STEM is an acronym for [applied] science, technology, engineering and math.) On that note, I recently attended the …

Tags:3D (Three Dimensions)| Education| Vol 21 - Issue 49