Ooyala Releases Global Video Index Q3’2014

sBroadcast/Distribution – Ooyala has released the Global Video Index Q3 2014 which shows the increase of video viewing on global platforms. The index assessed video viewing by platform as a function of the length of the video. 

There is a difference between how many videos have been accessed and how much time the consumer used a platform to watch videos. The results show an increase in smartphone and tablet viewing.

According to the results, smartphone and tablet viewing has grown strongly this year. Measured by the number of views, smartphone and tablet views accounted for 30% of all video plays, which equates to a 20% growth over the second quarter. This is impressive by any means. Compared to the third quarter of 2013 smartphone and tablet view increased by 114%.

As shown below, tablet and smartphone video viewing is really taking off. As suggested by the smoothed growth curve, the use of mobile devices is accelerating. However, with almost one third of video views already on mobile platforms, further growth seems to be somewhat limited. The total number of video views may continue to grow in coming years but since the index is measured in percent of video views, the upper limit is 100% of course.

There is also a difference between the platforms depending on the length of the video, as shown below in the chart. Mobile platforms are more often used for longer video, even when measured by the total time used for watching video, a measure that obviously favors longer videos in the statistics.

The data show that even 60+ minute video is accessed to almost 25% via mobile devices. It also shows that the family TV only leads in the 60+ minute video viewing. Interestingly, the most time spent on watching 10 to 30 minute video is the desktop, while for 30 to 60 minutes video tablets are already the preferred platform.

The last chart shows the distribution of mobile platform usage throughout the time of day. The desktop computer is a popular viewing device during regular work hours (certainly not something employers want to hear) but even during the weekend, the desktop is somewhat popular for watching video between 8am and 5pm. It also shows that the mobile platform is favorite for late night access to videos.

We have reported on the many changes the broadcast industry is coping with over the last few months, and as you can see from the data above, these changes are not just coming,they are already here. – Norbert Hildebrand