Scalable and MetaVR Describe Design Wins

Simulation & Training – The US Army recently purchased 300 new licenses of MetaVR visuals for embedded training in its Universal Ground Control Stations and for Institutional Mission Simulators. 

The Army uses MetaVR Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) for simulated unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) camera payload video for Shadow, Grey Eagle, Aerosonde and Hunter unmanned aerial system (UAS) training.

VRSG is used by UAV operators, pilots and joint terminal attack controller (JTAC) trainees in ground control stations and manned aircraft simulators in distributed exercises to achieve fully correlated HD H.264 simulated physics- based sensor video. The simulated payload video contains KLV metadata that replicates the actual sensor telemetry that is transmitted with the video so that it can stimulate actual ISR assets.

JTAC training is a key focus over at Immersive Display Solutions, Inc. (IDSI) as well. At I/ITSEC 2014, the company released a list of recent design wins that featured alignment, blend and warp solution for Scalable Display Technologies. This included:

  • Air National Guard 502 Training Development Group
  • AdventureTech (Brazil)
  • Aegis Technologies – Ft. Sill Visual Upgrade
  • Driving Force (Nascar and F1 Simulators)
  • Fidelity Technology Corp
  • Nova Technologies CFFT3 Close Air Support Module
  • L3/AFRL
  • Raytheon Technical Services

Scalable also partnered with Sony and VDC Display Systems at I/ITSEC to showcase an impressive 8k x 2k display that was being used as a command and control screen. Scalable’s solution was used to blend the output of two Sony VPL-GTZ1 4K laser-phosphor short throw projectors that were mounted above a large screen in the VDC booth.

Scalable was well represented on the trade show floor as well:

  • IDSI cylinder & JTAC Dome (11 X F35)
  • Flyte  6 X Sony FHZ55’s
  • Both Barco domes; 1X3 F22 and 1X5 F50
  • Both VDC blended displays: 1X2 GTZ1 and 1X3 FHZ55
  • Canon 1X2
  • Havok 6 channel dome
  • Draper 1X2 cylinder with NEC projectors

– Chris Chinnock