Portrait Displays Acquires SpectraCal

Display software specialist, Portrait Displays, Inc. has acquired the assets, including the staff, brand names and products of SpectraCal, the developer of the respected CalMan colour calibration and testing software. The deal was finalised on 1st April, although the news was released today, 12th April. All of the SpectraCal management and technical staff will join the Portrait, but the two locations and identities will remain “for the foreseeable future”, with SpectraCal based in Seattle, while Portrait is based in Pleasanton.

While Portrait has expertise and deep relationships with monitor vendors, SpectraCal is best know in A/V, and the entertainment industry and we reported on the company’s developments from IBC and in September last year, when we talked to the CEO about its HDR developments.

Financial details were not released.

Analyst Comment

We got the news from industry veteran and Co-CEO, Martin Fishman who told us that Portrait Displays has been looking for a way to make itself even more valuable to its long term customers and partners. The acquisition is very complementary to the existing business, with Portrait very strong in the PC and IT world, while, as we have reported, SpectraCal is well known by Dolby, Netflix and others. Both companies have relationships with Technicolor. SpectraCal is also well known in large displays and was responsible for ensuring that the displays in the newly re-built WTC in New York are consistent and balanced.

As wide colour gamuts and HDR become more prevalent, the capability of accurately setting up and measuring displays will become ever more important. This looks like a logical deal. (BR)