Portrait Displays, Inc., Acquires SpectraCal, Inc.

Portrait Displays, Inc., a global leader in visual enhancement software applications and middleware solutions for the computer display industry, today announced the acquisition of SpectraCal, Inc., creating a leading end-to-end provider of display control, custom software, and color accuracy-solutions. From factory production to an end-user’s day-to-day viewing experience, Portrait enables color quality on the world’s installed base, as well as future generations, of dynamic displays entering the marketplace.

“Joining forces with SpectraCal was a natural next step for us in broadening our product offering to meet more sophisticated customer requirements,” said Portrait Displays co-CEO Martin Fishman. “SpectraCal’s success with CalMAN color calibration software applications and turnkey integration with the leading color measurement devices is highly complementary with Portrait’s product focus. Portrait’s customer concentration targets OEMs in the PC display industry, while SpectraCal’s CalMAN is the globally-recognized display calibration software used by studios, Pro AV, broadcasters, home theatres, etc. CalMAN is also commonly used by test centers, analysts, and video installers throughout the world.”

“With this combination, we are now able to address display accuracy comprehensively, from initial manufacture to final use,” said SpectraCal’s L.A. Heberlein, now VP of Business Development at Portrait Displays. “SpectraCal’s existing customers will benefit greatly and immediately from Portrait Displays’ strength and resources.”

Eric Brumm, Co-CEO of Portrait Displays, added, “Plans are being made for product integration and future development. This acquisition gives us the ability to take two great companies, each with significant engineering talent, products, and technologies, and bring together the strengths from both sides.” SpectraCal and Portrait will remain focused on its unique core products, strengthening its customer base while bringing together many synergies and efficiencies.