Peerless-AV Brings Kiosks to EMEA

Peerless in Europe has launched new indoor kiosks (KIPC25XX-EUK) in sizes between 40″ and 55″ and less than 100mm deep (4cm). The products were previously announced in the US. The company said that the kiosk is UL 1667 Dynamic Tip Test Approved. Its heavy duty rectangular flat base can be free-standing or bolted to the ground for further stability, and rear and side mouse holes in the base of the unit allow for easy cable routing. It arrives pre-assembled for a simplified installation, and easy lift-off bi-level doors allow direct access for display fitting and to any parts requiring maintenance. An internal tray keeps media players and cables organised, and keyed locks protect against theft and tampering.

The products will be available from the 1st June.