Oversupply Impacts Premium TV Market Display Costs

The latest DSCC Advanced TV Display Cost Report reveals some fascinating insights into the premium TV market. In 2022, both LCD and OLED TV panel production faced a significant slowdown due to a severe oversupply. This, in turn, had a considerable impact on total display costs, as higher utilization and yield are crucial for better amortization of fixed costs.

Utilization of TV flat panel display fabs, 2020-2023

Interestingly, Samsung Display’s QD-OLED panels experienced substantial improvements in yield throughout 2022, with even more growth expected in the coming years. In terms of cost, conventional LCD panels with UHD resolution and 60Hz refresh rates are the most affordable among large-screen TV types. On the other hand, QD-OLED panels take the crown for being the most expensive.

QD-OLED TV panel cost for 65” UHD on Gen 8.5 in Korea. (Source: DSCC)