Onelan Supports Multiple Zones and UltraHD

A new range of multi-zone UltraHD media players has been added to Onelan’s portfolio. These units (NTB-4K-2100-S; NTB-4K-1100-S; NTB-4K-2000-S; and NTB-4K-1000-S) feature H.264 playback, IP streaming of 1920 x 1080 content, WiFi, touch options and zone transparency.

Each player is powered by Haswell-generation Intel Core i5 (i3 on the 1000-S) processors and HD 5000 graphics. They can all support portrait- or landscape-style content and are able to be used in 24/7 applications. The 1100-S and 1000-S are fanless.

All models feature DisplayPort and HDMI connections, supporting UltraHD up to 60fps. They also feature USB 3.0 (x4 on 2100-S and 2000-S, x2 on 1100-S and 1000-S) and USB 2.0 (x2, 1100-S and 1000-S only), as well as an RJ45 connection. The 2100-S and 2000-S use a 500GB HDD and have TV capture models, which will be available in Q4: the 2100C-S and 2000C-S (HD capture) or 2100T-S and 2000T-S (DVB-T capture). The 1100-S and 1000-S use a 128GB SSD (larger sizes optionally available) and do not have TV capture options.

The 2100-S and 1100-S support up to 16 zones of content at 1920 x 1080 (1 zone will be UltraHD). 2 zones (one UltraHD) are supported by the 2000-S and 1000-S, although models supporting 4 or 9 zones are available.

Prices start at