Nintendo Increases Switch Production Capacity

Nintendo has increased production capacity of the Switch console to 2 million units per month, as reported by Digitimes, citing “sources from the upstream supply chain”.

Following the disappointing performance of Nintendo’s previous games console, the Wii U, the Switch has reversed the Japanese gaming giant’s fortunes, and is on course to fulfill the company’s target of 20 million units shipped in 2017 as demand for the new machine skyrockets.

Nintendo Switch, released in March 2017, is the company’s first home-and-portable hybrid console.

As Nintendo prepares to release the Switch in Taiwan in December 2017 and China in early 2018, supply in the company’s homeland of Japan is running very short, due to stock issues with key components such as DRAM.

The Switch is currently manufactured by Foxconn and Hosiden, while Wistron and Pegatron Technology are currently trying to broker manufacturing deals with Nintendo.