NCR Brings Selfserv 80 ATMs to Europe

NCR has brought the SelfServ 80 range of ATMs to Europe. The new series is already available in the US. A feature of the products is that the series adds connection to smart devices as well as using 19″ multi-touch displays. The systems can use NFC for contactless operation with smartphones, smartwatches and other devices and have a video controlled cash slot.

NCR’s ATM family supports NFC as well as a touchscreen and is available in indoor and outdoor, walk up and drive up versions.

Analyst Comment

The BBC had an interesting feature on the use of ATMs and their development, and highlights how the market is growing in many developing regions such as the BRIC countries, although very developed nations, such as Sweden are moving to be more cashless and have lower penetration. (333 machines per 1 million residents, compared to Portugal with 1,516 per million – although Portugese ATMs also provide services such as cinema and concert ticket purchase, as well as tax and bill payments and phone top-ups.). In regions such as India, solar-powered ATMs are increasing access.

Moving to full graphic terminals, such as these NCR machines, allows an experience that is more like using a tablet, but also means that video can be supported, allowing ‘video tellers’ and access to banking staff as banks close branches. NCR, quoted in the article, claims that 80% of the transactions typically completed in a branch can be completed by video (although I’m not sure I’d want to be stuck in a line behind people undertaking complex transactions!) (BR)