Mojo Vision Activates 300mm High-Resolution MicroLED Wafer and Secures $22.4 Million in Funding

Mojo Vision announced a significant milestone today – the successful activation of the first-ever 300mm blue GaN-on-Silicon MicroLED array wafer. This achievement represents major progress for the company in the maturation of MicroLED manufacturing at top-tier 300mm CMOS fabrication facilities.

Source: Mojo Vision

This is Mojo Vision’s fourth world record in the past five years within the display industry. Previously, the company made its mark by setting world records for the smallest, densest dynamic display, achieving pixel densities of 14k, 20k, and 28k pixels per inch (PPI). The company believes its latest accomplishment signifies a potential game-changer for the display industry, allowing the large-scale manufacturing of high-efficiency, high-resolution MicroLEDs that are crucial for extended reality (XR), wearables, automotive, consumer electronics, and high-speed communication applications.

The company hopes this latest success underscores the potential of MicroLED technology to revolutionize display tech at an unprecedented scale. This breakthrough has the potential to fast-track the industry’s adoption of MicroLED technology and may serve as a roadmap for the commercial scaling of micro-LEDs in state-of-the-art 300mm CMOS fabs. Mojo Vision believes it has overcome the challenges in manufacturing, such as wafer bow and contamination issues, that have traditionally hindered the large-scale fabrication of MicroLEDs,