Kopin Expands OLED Deposition Capabilities through Strategic Partnerships

Kopin OLED with Pantile Optics in Rayban vs GearVR

Kopin has recently announced the execution of partner agreements aimed at enhancing and expanding its OLED deposition capabilities. This strategic move enables Kopin to meet the growing demand for its OLED devices while ensuring a diverse and reliable supply chain.

By leveraging their non-proprietary silicon wafer-based OLED deposition process and highly integrated backplane design, Kopin has established partnerships with multiple OLED deposition sources worldwide. This approach allows them to address their customers’ requirements in terms of cost-effectiveness, performance, and continuity of supply.

Bill Maffucci, Kopin’s Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategy, expressed his confidence in these agreements, stating, “Due to our non-proprietary silicon wafer-based OLED deposition process and our highly integrated and flexible backplane design, Kopin is able to utilize several OLED deposition sources globally to support our customers’ cost, performance, and continuity of supply demands.”

To bolster their supply chain and ensure continuity of sovereign supply, Kopin’s partner agreements extend their deposition capabilities to several US Department of Defense and NATO-friendly locations. This redundancy and duplicity in the supply chain mitigate the risk of disruptions and offer peace of mind to their defense customers.

Moreover, Kopin plans to bring more of the OLED packaging and testing processes in-house, thereby increasing control over production and enhancing overall quality assurance. These efforts will further solidify their commitment to meeting customers’ expectations across industries.

Michael Murray, Kopin’s Chief Executive Officer, emphasized the significance of maintaining a sovereign supply for US Defense customers. He stated, “Continuity of sovereign supply is critical to our US Defense customers, and these agreements support that need while allowing Kopin to support current and potential Consumer, Medical, Industrial, and Automotive customers with our Asia-based deposition partners.”

In addition to the strategic advantages of these partnerships, Kopin will gain access to a broader set of OLED displays and other advanced technologies. This access will empower them to enhance their existing product offerings and explore new opportunities in the market.

Kopin follows a fab-lite strategy, which combines internal manufacturing and assembly capabilities with partnerships with global leaders in wafer and deposition manufacturing technologies. This approach allows them to maintain flexibility, scalability, and technical expertise while meeting the demands of a rapidly evolving industry.

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