Synaptics Intros the Vega AI-Enabled Haptic Trackpad Technology

Synaptics has introduced its latest innovation, Vega capacitive touch- and force-sensing technology with integrated haptics. This technology is being showcased at Dell Technologies World and aims to provide a more intuitive and responsive user experience on trackpads.

Vega combines touch and force sensing on a single AI-enabled integrated circuit (IC), reducing latency and improving palm rejection. It allows pressure measurement, resulting in a seamless and intuitive user experience. Integrated haptics using a linear resonant actuator (LRA) offer tactile feedback, saving space and simplifying manufacturing.

The key features and benefits of Vega include its ability to enable slim form factors for PCs while maintaining reliable click-anywhere capability as trackpad surface areas increase. Its integration of capacitive force and touch ensures low-latency response. The compliant firmware security prevents user interface hacking according to NIST-SP800-193 standards.

Vega’s combination of force and touch sensing allows accurate palm rejection and dynamic control of the click threshold based on user behavior. It supports haptic feedback control for clicks in Windows 11 through a graphical user interface (GUI) and is compatible with Chrome OS. Additionally, Vega supports Synaptics Gesture Suite, leveraging its multi-finger pressure-detection capabilities for force-enhanced gestures.