Samsung Display Rolling and Flexing OLED Technologies at Display Week 2023

Samsung Display has announced that it will showcase a host of ground-breaking OLED technologies at Display Week 2023. The detailed specifications and expectations for the products showcased will be revealed at the event.

Here’s a summary of the new Samsung Display technologies that will be showcased:

  1. Rollable Flex
    • Portable, can be rolled and unrolled on an O-shaped axis
    • Expands more than five times, from 49 mm to 254.4 mm in length
  2. Sensor OLED Display
    • Embedded fingerprint and blood pressure sensors in the panel; Measures heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels
    • Uses light-sensing organic photodiode (OPD) to detect changes in blood vessels for health monitoring
  3. Flex In & Out
    • Foldable phone concept that can be folded both inward and outward 360 degrees
    • Overcomes need for a separate external panel, enabling thinner, lighter foldable phones
  4. Flex Hybrid
    • Combines both foldable and slidable technologies
    • Detailed specs not mentioned
  5. Slidable Flex Solo
    • Expandable display
    • Expands from a 13-inch tablet to a 17-inch screen
  6. QD-OLED
    • Delivers accurate colors, less blue light emission; Ideal for superior display for eye health; Enhances work productivity and immersive gaming experience
    • 77-inch model for TVs; 34-inch and 49-inch models for monitors with a 32:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio; Uses quantum dots for color, and HyperEfficient EL materials for a brighter blue light source; Achieves over 2,000 nits in maximum brightness of RGB color channels