MaxLinear Wins Order for Sky Q Wideband LNB Chips

Semiconductor maker MaxLinear has won a deal with Microelectronics Technology Inc to supply its MxL80x RF downconverter to be used in a new wideband low-noise block (LNB) to support the Sky UK ‘Q’ service which uses an IP-based LNB. (In these systems, like Sat>IP, the LNB that receives the satellite signal directly converts to ip rather than sending RF, so that multiple ip-based boxes can be used to move the signal around – Man. Ed.) MaxLinear said that the new LNB will be lower cost.

Analyst Comment

I have a dual PVR set-up with two independent Sky PVRs, and wanted to try the Sky Q, but was told some while ago that you can’t do this because of the change in the LNB. However, it turns out that Sky does (if you complain enough) supply a hybrid LNB that allows the Sky Q to co-exist with the older LNB technology. I will have to research!