Lumary Unveils Imvisual HDMI Sync Kit: Real-Time Color Synchronization for Enhanced Home Theater Experiences

Lumary has recently launched its Imvisual HDMI Sync Kit series. At its heart is an AI-powered algorithm developed by Lumary that enables real-time color synchronization between Zigbee smart recessed lights and TV backlights with your TV, computer, or projector.

Source: Lumary

The Lumary Imvisual HDMI Sync Kit comprises four Zigbee smart recessed lights, an HDMI Sync box, and a 12.5ft smart TV backlight designed for 55-65 inch TVs. The company claims the Zigbee Smart Recessed Lights incorporated in the kit offer more stable signal transmission compared to Wi-Fi protocols. The Zigbee protocol simplifies the pairing process, eliminating the need for complex network settings and operations, allowing users to quickly establish a wireless connection between smart spotlights and smart home systems. The Dynamic RGBAI TV Backlight Lumary’s proprietary technology, enabling the simultaneous display of multiple colors.