Loewe’s Entry Level is Not Cheap

At IFA, Loewe said that it would move all its sets at 55″ and above would move to OLED and it has now updated its Bild 3 range with new 43″ and 49″ LCD models and a 55″ with an OLED. The two smaller sets support HDR10 and HLG while the OLED adds Dolby Vision for HDR. All three have integrated 80W sound bars with four drivers, two passive radiators, and a bass reflex port. There is an optional 1TB hard disk for PVR applications and the TVs are ‘smart’.

Although described as ‘entry level’, in the UK, the 43″ version costs £1690 ($1,850 + tax), the 49″ is £2090 ($2,290) and the 55″ is £2790 ($3,050).

Loewe’s 3 series is its ‘entry level’