LG Begins US Rollout of 2023 OLED TV Lineup

LG Electronics USA announced initial pricing and availability of its 2023 OLED TVs featuring the most advanced range of LG OLED TVs yet. The LG OLED evo G3 Gallery Edition, and LG OLED evo C3 Series will be available for preorder at beginning March 6, 2023 , shipping expected late-March, and available in late-March at LG-authorized retailers nationwide. Additional models will be announced at a later date.

Product LineModel NumberScreen SizePriceAvailability
G3 “Gallery Edition” (OLED evo)OLED83G3PUA83-inch class (82.7 inches diagonal)$6,499March 2023
OLED77G3PUA77-inch class (76.7 inches diagonal)$4,499March 2023
OLED65G3PUA65-inch class (64.5 inches diagonal)$3,299March 2023
OLED55G3PUA55-inch class (54.6 inches diagonal)$2,499March 2023
G2 “Gallery Edition” (OLED evo)OLED97G2PUA97-inch class$24,999Now
B3 SeriesOLED77B3PUA77-inch class (76.7 inches diagonal)$3,299April 2023
OLED65B3PUA65-inch class (64.5 inches diagonal)$2,399April 2023
OLED55B3PUA55-inch class (54.6 inches diagonal)$1,699April 2023
LG SIGNATURE OLED R “Rollable”OLED65R1PUA65-inch class (64.5 inches diagonal)$100,000Now
C3 Series (OLED evo)OLED83C3PUA83-inch class (82.7 inches diagonal)$5,299March 2023
OLED77C3PUA77-inch class (76.7 inches diagonal)$3,599March 2023
OLED65C3PUA65-inch class (64.5 inches diagonal)$2,599March 2023
OLED55C3PUA55-inch class (54.6 inches diagonal)$1,899March 2023
OLED48C3PUA48-inch class (47.5 inches diagonal)$1,499March 2023
OLED42C3PUA42-inch class (42.1 inches diagonal)$1,399March 2023
LG OLED Lifestyle TVs55LX1QPUA55-inch class (54.6 inches diagonal)$1,999Now
48LX1QPUA48-inch class (47.5 inches diagonal)$1,699Now
42LX3QPUA42-inch class (42.1 inches diagonal)$2,499Now
2023 LG OLED 8K TVsOLED88Z2PUA88-inch class (87.6 inches diagonal)$24,999Now
OLED88Z2PUA77-inch class (76.7 inches diagonal)$9,999Now
Source: LG Electronics USA

LG’s latest OLED TVs elevate the viewing experience with self-lit picture quality, powerful image processing technologies, and an upgraded webOS platform providing even more smart features, as well as access to an ever-increasing library of lifestyle services.

LG introduced the world to the first-ever large screen OLED a decade ago, and since then, the company has continued to lead the premium TV market. Its cutting-edge OLED TVs keep evolving to deliver ever-greater value to consumers and have earned many accolades from respected tech media outlets and industry experts. Renowned for their superb picture quality, LG OLED TVs produce vibrant pictures, with perfect black and an infinite contrast ratio for images that are remarkably lifelike.

In addition to delivering new and more immersive viewing experiences, LG’s self-lit pixel technology has enabled the company to create visually stunning TV form factors, including market-firsts such as the rollable LG SIGNATURE OLED R, and the bendable LG OLED Flex. Among its latest triumphs are the LG SIGNATURE OLED M, a 97-inch OLED TV with Zero Connect technology enabling wireless transmission of video and audio, and OLED T, a transparent OLED TV that redefines spatial integration and the user experience.1

LG’s 2023 OLED lineup in the U.S. features upgraded G3 and C3 OLED evo series TVs. Thanks to the precision and performance of LG OLED evo technology and the new α9 Gen6 AI Processor, the new models provide improved brightness and color volume2 along with amazing clarity and detail.

The latest Alpha series processor utilizes LG’s sophisticated AI-assisted Deep Learning tech to ensure outstanding picture and sound quality. AI Picture Pro now offers improved upscaling for clearer images, and also includes OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, which helps reveal hidden details and brings greater depth to every frame. OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro ‘splits’ the picture into 20,000 blocks, analyzing each in real-time to detect the darkest and brightest areas and deliver precision HDR optimization to increase viewers’ sense of immersion. Additionally, AI Picture Pro features HDR Expression Enhancer, a picture processing technology that detects and refines important onscreen objects (e.g., people’s faces) in each scene; giving them a more lifelike quality with enhanced sharpness and three-dimensionality by applying tone mapping based on deep learning. In addition to fine-tuning image reproduction, the α9 AI Processor Gen6 powers LG’s AI Sound Pro, which provides virtual 9.1.2 surround sound from the TVs’ built-in speakers to help sweep viewers up in whatever they are watching.

Another significant upgrade applied to this year’s OLED evo G3 series is LG’s Brightness Booster Max technology, which incorporates brand-new light control architecture and light-boosting algorithms to increase brightness by up to 70 percent.3 Brightness is mapped and controlled on a pixel-by-pixel basis, resulting in sharper, more realistic images. The application of Super Anti Reflective technology4 effectively reduces visual distractions, such as light glare and reflections, so that users can focus all their attention on what is on screen, even in a brightly lit environment.

LG’s 2023 G3 OLED evo models also boast an aesthetic upgrade via the introduction of the ultra-seamless One Wall Design. Leaving no visible gap when wall mounted5, this year’s models bring style and effortless elegance to the living room or wherever users choose to install them. Furthermore, LG’s latest OLED TVs are easy to move or mount on the wall due to the use of a composite fiber material6 that reduces each unit’s overall weight. For installation flexibility, LG’s 2023 OLED evo C3 series models come with the Swivel Stand,7 which lets users turn the screen to match the angle of their viewing position.

New for this year, the OLED Care Program helps users to keep their LG OLED TVs performing at their best. The OLED Care Program includes the Memory Optimizer, a feature that improves device performance and provides Screen/Sound Self-diagnosis. It also gives users access to functions that help care for the TV’s OLED panel, such as Pixel Cleaning, Screen Move, Adjust Logo Brightness, and Care Recommendations. OLED Care can be accessed at any time using the shortcut key button on the remote control.

LG’s latest TVs set themselves apart from the competition with a refreshed, more personalized, user experience in 2023. Featuring the latest version of webOS, this year’s models introduce the all new Home: a redesigned user interface (UI) that offers a range of customization options and more convenience than ever. The new Quick Cards – grouped into convenient categories such as Home Office, Gaming, Music, and Sports – present users with a fast, simple way to access the content and services they use the most.

The Home Office Card on LG TVs brings together several productivity apps and services that are ideal for those working from home. For instance, users can transform their LG TV into a state-of-the-art workstation by setting up cloud-based virtualization solutions, including Windows 365 which delivers Cloud PCs—a complete and secure Windows experience hosted in the Microsoft Cloud and accessible on any device. The Home Office Card also offers useful apps for accessing and organizing one’s schedule, and voice- and video-call apps that make it easy to communicate with colleagues and clients. Users can pair a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to enjoy the full work-from-home experience on LG TV.

The Music Card on the All New Home provides quick access to a variety of major music streaming services, while Sports Card serves up real-time updates and alerts to help users keep up to date with their favorite sports leagues, players, and teams. For a tailored sports fan experience on LG TVs, customizable notifications bring users the information they want in real-time – letting them know when the big game is about to start, providing them with real-time scoring updates, and delivering the final result as soon as time is called. After saving their personalized preferences, users can enjoy receiving sports alerts on any LG TV just by logging into their user profile.

Designed for everyone, the new webOS makes it easy for anyone using the TV to enjoy personalized recommendations, which are determined based on viewing history and viewing habits. Helping deliver a deeply personalized user experience on LG OLED TV is AI Concierge. In addition to presenting each user with a curated list of content choices based on their past usage and search inquiries, AI Concierge provides a selection of keywords for browsing trending content. It also suggests useful settings, options and modes (including the Family care setting, Eye Comfort mode, Multi-View mode, clock setting, Bluetooth speaker connection, and mute sound) for customizing the viewing and user experience.

It is also compatible with the new smart home standard, Matter, giving users the ability to control and monitor a wide range of smart home devices from a growing list of global manufacturers, using only their LG TV.

LG OLED TVs continue to support the image- and audio-enhancing capabilities of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. What’s more, this year’s LG TVs offer seamless integration with the latest LG Sound Bars, supplying outstanding multi-channel surround sound with IMAX Enhanced Sound quality powered by DTS:X. LG TV and LG Sound Bar also combine to offer WOW Orchestra8, which utilizes every audio channel across both products to create stronger, more immersive sound, and the convenient WOWCAST9,which makes it possible to connect the two devices wirelessly.

Furthermore, LG’s 2023 OLED TV models support several features enabled by HDMI 2.1a, the most recent update to the HDMI specification. They are also the first TVs to be certified by the HDMI organization for the recently announced Quick Media Switching Variable Refresh Rate (QMS-VRR). QMS-VRR can eliminate the momentary ‘black screen’ that sometimes occurs when switching between content played from different source devices connected to the TV via HDMI.10

The ultimate gaming displays, LG’s self-lit OLED TVs come with an ultra-fast 0.1 millisecond response time, low input lag and up to four HDMI 2.1 48Gbps bandwidth ports. LG OLED TVs are also equipped with Game Optimizer – allowing users to quickly select and switch between game-genre display presets, including the new, customizable ‘User’ preset, and many other gaming-specific features. Settings for G-SYNC, FreeSync Premium and HDMI-VRR with HGiG are easily accessible from the Game Optimizer as well. Additionally, LG OLED TVs feature the Game Dashboard, an overlay menu that provides a range of useful controls and information on display settings and performance that users can quickly access while they play.

Helping to curb resource consumption, LG OLED TVs require fewer materials to produce than conventional LED TVs as their self-lit pixels mean there is no need for a backlighting unit.

Committed to making technology more inclusive, LG has implemented various features that make its latest TVs easier to use for people with disabilities. A long press on the LG Magic Remote’s mute button brings up the accessibility menu, where users can find Learn TV Remote, which teaches them remote control’s features. Improving accessibility for the hearing impaired, Sign Language Zoom allows users to adjust the size of the area where the sign language interpreter is shown on screen. LG TVs can also play sound through their built-in speakers and a Bluetooth device, such as a hearing aid, simultaneously. Users with hearing difficulties can connect their hearing aid to the TV via Bluetooth, or by connecting a transmitter to one of the TV’s HDMI ports and adjust the volume with their hearing aids’ controls.

1 Detailed information regarding the launch plans for LG OLED M3 and LG OLED T in each market will be announced at a later date.
Display Color Gamut Volume (CGV) is equivalent or exceeds the CGV of the DCI-P3 color space as verified independently by Intertek.
Based on LG internal testing: 55/65/77″ LG OLED evo G3 models are 70% brighter than non-OLED evo B3 models. The 83″ LG OLED evo G3 model is 30% brighter than non-OLED B3 models.
4Applies to 55/65/77-inch G3 models.
5 Applies to G series models only. Depending on installation environment, there may be a slight gap between the TV and the wall. Installation requirements vary. See installation guide for details.
6 Applies to 55/65/77-inch G3 models, and 42/55/65/77-inch C3 models
7 Availability of Swivel Stand for C-series TVs may vary by region. Swivel Stand for G-series TVs is optional.
 Feature will be added via software update.
10 Only available when using HDMI 2.1 QMS VRR-certified source devices.