Leader Simplifys HDR Production with LV5490

Leader said that it has added new features to its LV5490 4K high dynamic range waveform monitor. The instrument now provides full direct support for ITU-R BT.2408-0 ‘Operational practices in HDR television production’. Published in October 2017, the ITU document provides initial guidance to help ensure optimal and consistent use of the Hybrid Log-Gamma and Perceptual Quantizer techniques specified in ITU-R BT.2100.

The LV5490 4K/HDR waveform monitor supports preconfigured settings to ensure the reference levels are correct for both PQ and HLG production. A 75% HLG or 58% PQ marker is also displayed automatically on the waveform monitor graticule. This represents the reference level, enabling the vision engineer to ensure that any object placed at the centre of interest within a scene occupies the appropriate signal range and that sufficient headroom is reserved for specular highlights. Also now added to the LV5490 is system gamma Optical-Optical Transfer Function functionality for HLG and Sony’s SR-Live for HDR production technology.

Leader’s LV5490 offers 4K, UHD, 3G, HD and SD test and measurement features in a half-rack-width by 4U portable unit with a FullHD 9″ front-panel monitor. It is intended to provide all the capabilities needed to implement the full potential of high dynamic range in both HD and UHD. Signal displays such as video waveform, chroma levels, colour vectors, bar-graphs, noise, video patterns, quad-3G phase, data tables, camera picture output, colour chart, multichannel audio levels and surround-sound vectors can be viewed simultaneously in a user-customisable layout. If a specific element requires detailed attention, this can be selected for viewing at higher resolution or full-screen. The Leader CINELITE HDR toolset also comes as a standard feature of the LV5490, allowing assessment of relative exposure and overall luminance during production. A focus-assist option allows on-set adjustment of camera focus to match the ability of 4K and UHD formats to handle very precise image detail.

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