Large LCD to be Flat

Digitimes Research forecast that large flat panel shipments will be broadly flat over the next five years, with a CAGR of 0.3%, growing from 673.37 million to 684.60 million in 2021. LCD TVs are forecast to grow by 0.4% per year, but there will be a drop by 1.1% for notebooks and 2.5% for LCD monitors and AIO PCs. The other growth segment will be 9″ and above tablets, which will see growth of 4.8% per year. However, capacity in China will grow from 52.5 million sq metres in 2016 to 111.01 to 2021, although some of that capacity will be under the control of Taiwanese and Korean makers. It expects China to exceed the capacity of Taiwan in 2017, and Korea in 2018.