Intel Shows Off its Toyz

The next speaker was Shachar Oz from Intel’s RealSense software group, based in the Middle East and he gave a live demo of the technology being used in the Intel “Toyz” application, which he helped to design. (For more on RealSense see our recent report on the Intel keynote speech at SID Intel Concentrates on RealSense.)

The 3D data is used to create a virtual real time mesh and everything becomes a “floor” and Intel calls this mesh reconstruction. There are some limitations (black surfaces are difficult at the moment). The world is anchored, so if the capture device is moved, other things don’t move. The system can calculate occlusion, which is very difficult without depth, and this allows objects to interact.

If items move during tracking, it often causes trouble at the moment. There is improvement in the algorithms coming, Oz said. The heavily patterned floor in the demo room also gave a problem.

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