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iPhone 12 Advances VR – AR

by Steve Sechrist

OK, you’ve been hunkered down at home for the past five weeks, but may still have missed all the buzz about the next generation flagship iPhone (12?) Forget the talk of a smaller notch, …

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iphone x silver select 2017 AV3

iPhone X Production Plagued by 3D Camera Sensor Delays

by Andrew Fenn

Work on Apple’s forthcoming iPhone X is reported to still be struggling with a production issue with its camera’s 3D sensor. The issues relate to the dot projector element of the smartphone’s TrueDepth camera, …

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Toshiba Develops a Single Lens 2D+Depth Camera

by Arthur Berman

At the 22nd Symposium on Sensing via Image Information held this past June, Toshiba announced developments related to a new method for creating 3D images. The technique simultaneously acquires a color image and a …

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Project Tango Coming This Year – With Lenovo

by Tom Allen

Just after meeting with Lenovo at CES 2016, we were told that the company would be producing the first Project Tango smartphone for Google (Lenovo Deluge Led by OLED Notebook). Project Tango is a …

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3D Camera Computer Uses Color Perception

by Steve Sechrist

In case you missed it last week, Orbbec Technology Corp of Shenzhen, China showed up at this year’s Display Week with a new 3D camera computer and its focus on 3D Sensing, Artificial Intelligence, …

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Heptagon 1

Heptagon Announces a New and Really Small 3D Camera

by Arthur Berman

Heptagon Micro Optics (Singapore) has announced the availability of a new product called “Mora” which the company bills as the “world’s smallest all-in-one 3D module.” Heptagon provides a broad line of 3D related product …

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Waves + Realsense = Positional Headphone Audio

by Tom Allen

Audio brand Waves is using Intel’s Realsense technology to enable positional audio – with headphones. The Waves Nx product runs on PCs, laptops and other devices and is said to bring the same quality …

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Kaist Enables Input with Smart Glasses

by Tom Allen

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has been developing augmented reality smart glasses since 2014, and now have a third-generation model called K-Glass 3. Users are able to write messages or search …

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Microsoft Talks about Holoportation

by Norbert Hildebrand

In case AR/VR is not ‘blue sky’ enough for you, Microsoft is upping its game by talking about Holoportation. The firm is using the term to describe a method of advanced video conferencing, where …

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Augmented Reality Under Development at Intel

by Tom Allen

Intel is developing an augmented reality headset, which will use its Realsense 3D camera technology, sources have told the Wall Street Journal. The AR project is one way in which Intel hopes to diversify …

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Razer Shaves Weight From the Blade

by Tom Allen

Razer has a reputation for innovation. At previous CES shows, the company has shown products such as a gaming tablet (with joysticks and a Core i7 processor), a modular PC for consumers without the …

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