IC07 Pixelligent Sees Opportunities in OLED & MicroLED

We skipped the talk by Jason Hartlove of Nanosys, as we had attended his talk the previous day at the Business conference. (BC19 Nanosys Enjoying QD Success – Moving to Next Steps). We also earlier missed the talk by Mike Hack of UDC, who also spoke on the previous day (BC16 UDC Identifies Novel Architecture and Flexible as Opportunities).

Craig Mandes is from Pixelligent which is working with OLED and microled display makers to improve light extraction by up to 100% or more using its materials. The materials are based on xirconia nanocrystals and are claimed to have the highest refractive index and lowest haze. There is an understanding in the industry that a high refractive index material helps with light extraction and the company makes materials that can be included in polymers to improve extraction.

Its materials are also usable in reflective displays, where optical management is critical. The material has also been shown not to be damaging e.g. to TFE layers. Pixelligent is in volume production and Mandes said that it can make 40 – 50 tonnes by the end of the year.

Analyst Comment

Unfortunately, Pixelligent did not share its presentation although we found one given by the firm during the seminars.

pixelligent high refractive index materials