Hyundai Showrooms in Turkey go Digital

Hyundai in Turkey has created digital dealerships to sell its cars in Turkey with 80 sites under development. The dealerships have touch systems where consumers can get information about the cars being offered. The company is also planning to roll out 10 to 20 interactive touchscreen table systems throughout the country, away from dealerships in shopping malls and public places. The tables were designed by Nerotouch and use custom touch sensors from Zytronic.

According to Asli Kubilay, Managing Partner at Nerotouch, “Hyundai originally approached us with a project to improve the ambiance and customer experience in the dealerships. With our encouragement, they modified the scope of the project, and we have created unique multi touch tables that can not only be used unaided by customers, but can also be used by the sales team as an integrated part of the sales process.”