Hisense Adopts Eurofins UltraHD Logo

Eurofins Digital Testing said that Hisense has committed to Eurofins’ 4K HDR Ultra HD logo technical requirements in its products and joins LG and MStar in supporting the logo.

Eurofins 4K UHD logo

Eurofins claims that it’s logo ensures that HDR UHD screens are “easily recognizable” in the marketplace, and claims to be the only logo covering broadcast and broadband inputs available today. It is currently shipping on applicable 2017 models of Hisense TVs and will be included on its future models that feature a 4K HDR UHD display.

Analyst Comment

The testing requirements for this logo can be downloaded. We had a look and were, frankly, underwhelmed. The real requirement is compatibility with HDR10 and HLG and ‘at least 50% of the Rec 2020 gamut’. There is no requirement for any particular brightness or contrast, as the logo can also be applied to non-display devices such as STBs. Given that we have also not seen any great investment to promote this logo, we don’t see it as being important in developing the market. A logo without a lot of support becomes ‘noise, not signal’. (BR)