Grundig Does Still Make TVs

Grundig has been building white goods from four years ago as the company and brand has been owned by Arceli/Beko in Turkey. Hakan Bulgurlu is CEO of the company and the parent company (Arçelik/Beko) and he said that health and green issues are taken very seriously in the company for the long term. Sustainability is critical and so is customisation as well as making your own food and items such as essential oils.

The IoT is everywhere and the smart home market is growing. So what does it mean for Grundig? The company calls its programme “Sustainability 2.0″ and that means smarter decisions and the use of smarter appliances. The home has to be ” the best place to be”, Bulgurlu said.

Food waste is a big problem with millions of kilos of food being thrown away every year. The German government has a commitment to reduce that food waste by 50% over the next few years and Grundig is looking to help keep food fresh for longer. The company also wants to use less materials and less energy than any other brand.

Grundig BulguruIn the TV Area, Grundig showed features such as HDRGrundig’s Bulgurlu was behind the text shown at the top of the image. Image:Meko

Christian Struck is on the product specialist and he talked about the importance of smart products for energy saving and the re-use of materials and the company has developed a tub for its washing machine using waste PET bottles and the company expects to use around 6.6 million per year. The project is in a pre-production phase. There will also be built-in recycling (although this was not explained). A vacuum cleaner will be made using 80% recycled plastics.

A mew smart fridge has a real-time inventory tracking system that will advise the owner how products coming close to their end of life can be used.

HomeWhiz are smart home IoT products and they have been verified for security by VDE.

There is a new ‘Gourmet smart chef oven’ that includes a 7″ TFT touch LCD to give information about the oven and it also has a built in camera. It also connects to an app for control or monitoring.

Grundig gourmet ChefThe Grundig Gourmet Chef Oven has a 7″ touch TFT LCD for control

Yes, Grundig still makes TVs

Are we still making TVs? “Of course!” Struck said. This year there is a new Wallpaper OLED TV 2.5mm thick and it is very light. Image quality is, of course, he said, very good and it has HDR support as well as V4 of the Grundig Smart TV platform. Much of the emphasis on the booth was on the performance of OLEDs.

For bathrooms, there is a new body scale that can show data on a smart mirror.

Grundig used an unusual projected graphic screen to create a transparent display in front of the speakers at the conference. The screen looked like a mesh to us and was probably lit with a projector,although it was well hidden. Unfortunately, the end to end sequence of events meant we couldn’t check around after the event to get more details.