Google Supports Dolby Vision in Ultra Puck

Google had a busy week at its Pixel developers’ conference this week and said it would start to deliver video content in UltraHD to its ‘Google Play Movies & TV’ service in November. The content will be streamable through the new Chromecast Ultra which is a round puck-shaped dongle with an attached HDMI cable. The dongle will sell for $69 and will start sales in November, with 16 other countries seeing the product later. The device has an ethernet port in its power adaptor for those that do not have robust enough Wi-Fi.

The puck will stream content from YouTube, Netflix and Vudu and will support HDR content in HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats.

Analyst Comment

The puck is relatively expensive, but has quite a high specification as it supports Dolby Vision HDR, so this is understandable. (BR)