LG Softens its Hardware for the Future

by Omid Rahmat

Displays are the face of our computing future. It’s time to put some brains and personality behind them and not just lead with looks.

Tags:AI & Machine Learning| Apple| AWS| Google| LG| Microsoft| Software

Pixel Fold OLED Display Issues Frustrate Enthusiasts

by Shawnee Blackwood

Foldable phones are new enough, and expensive enough, to create a lot of anxiety among users so any hint of a problem is going to be magnified by the commentary online.

Tags:Foldable Devices| Google| OLED

Google IO Product Launches: AI, Carumba!

by Omid Rahmat

Google IO was like that time you got served canapés instead of dinner, and ended up at a MacDonald’s drive-through before you gnawed your arm off.

Tags:Android| foldables| Google| pixel| tablets