Google I/O Unveils New Android Features

by Shawnee Blackwood

Google’s annual developer conference showcases advancements in Android customization, seamless connectivity across devices, and AI-driven personalization.

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Chromebook Sales First Indication of Demand Problems

by Omid Rahmat

Google has revised its 2023 global Chromebook shipment forecast to 20 million units due to deteriorating macroeconomic conditions and weak end-market demand, with varying shipment projections for individual brands such as Dell, HP, Acer, and Asustek.

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Beware the Home Hub TV

by Omid Rahmat

No one cares about the digital display on their thermostat and they may not care about the TV display running their home hub.

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Breaking Down the Bill of Materials for the Google Pixel Watch

by Omid Rahmat

BOE is the exclusive supplier of the custom 1.2-inch-diameter OLED display which takes up about14% of the total BoM cost, the second most costly component after the processing and memory subsystem. BoMs are fun. …

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MIPI Alliance Welcomes Google as a Promoter Member

by Artem Alekseenko

The MIPI Alliance announced that Google has been approved as its newest Promoter member. With this appointment, Google obtains a seat on the MIPI Board of Directors to help guide the strategic direction of MIPI interface …

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Latest Smartphone Data Hints at Caution for High End Displays

by Omid Rahmat

Data from A global study of consumer behaviors in the smartphone market shows that Apple’s brand remains almost unassailable worldwide. However, in the study’s timeframe, September to December of 2022, there is also an …

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