Android Auto Announces New Features, Including Video Streaming, Gaming and Multi-Display

At this year’s Google I/O developer conference, the Android Auto team made some significant announcements regarding the future of in-car infotainment systems. Android Auto is set to gain some new features, including video streaming, gaming, and web browsing capabilities. This update will allow users to access YouTube and games like Beach Buggy Racing 2 and Solitaire FRVR from the comfort of their car’s interior.

YouTube is coming to cars. (Source: Google)

Moreover, Android Auto will be teaming up with Cisco, Microsoft, and Zoom to enable conference calls, which means that users can join meetings by audio directly from the car display. This move by Android Auto is a clear attempt to take advantage of the fact that people often spend time sitting in their cars while charging their electric vehicles.

Another significant announcement from Android Auto was the integration of Waze, the popular navigation app, into cars with Google built-in. In addition, Automotive OS 14 is coming with full multi-screen support to enable various experiences for each seat in the vehicle. This means that while the driver watches navigation through the wheel, passengers can help with navigation or operate more detailed apps on their own screen, and the rear seats can show games or movies to kids.

Waze on Android Auto. (Source: Google)

Google has been successful in integrating its Android Auto system into over two-hundred million cars this year. With these new features and integrations, Android Auto is set to completely change how we think about in-car infotainment systems. While some of these updates may seem like incremental improvements, they are significant in that they offer a more seamless and integrated experience for drivers and passengers alike. As always, any improvement to Android Auto is welcome.