Google’s Pixel Fold: $1,799 and a Free Pixel Watch

Today was Google IO, the company’s developer conference, and while it was a lot of talk about AI, it was also a time for Google to unveil a variety of new additions to its Pixel product line: the Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel 7a.

Source: Google

The new Pixel 7a, an extension of Google’s A-Series phones, brings a host of features previously found in Google’s premium devices. It boasts an 8GB RAM, up to a 90 Hz display, and includes face unlock and wireless charging capabilities. The Pixel 7a is available for purchase at a price point of $499.

The Pixel Tablet, another first for Google, presents a robust 11-inch display encased within an aluminum shell, coated with a unique nano-ceramic texture. Google has designed this device with a focus on entertainment and gaming applications. Moreover, it comes with a Charging Speaker Dock, transforming it into a hands-free smart home device. The Pixel Tablet, bundled with the dock, can be pre-ordered starting today for $499.

Google’s Pixel Fold

But, the Pixel Fold, Google’s first venture into the foldable smartphone market, is bound to get all the scrutiny. Design-wise, the Pixel Fold features a thin and durable silhouette. When closed, it resembles a typical smartphone, while opening it reveals a 7.6-inch screen, reportedly the thinnest profile among foldable phones on the market. To achieve this, Google redesigned many components, including the camera, battery, speakers, and haptics technology, to fit within the thin design. The custom-built hinge not only contributes to the thinness but is also touted as highly durable. The Pixel Fold boasts an IPX8 rating for water resistance.

Source: Google

The exterior screen provides typical smartphone functionalities, such as messaging, browsing, or using Call Assist features. The larger interior screen, once unfolded, offers a tablet-like experience. Apps optimized for the larger screen, an easily accessible Taskbar, and the ability to multitask with two apps side-by-side via split-screen mode enhance productivity.

Additionally, the Pixel Fold can be used in tabletop mode, allowing for hands-free viewing or capturing photos and videos. This mode is particularly useful for applications like YouTube, where the top half of the screen can display the video, while the bottom half controls playback.

The Pixel Fold comes equipped with an array of camera features consistent with the Pixel line. These include Super Res Zoom with 5x optical zoom, Real Tone, Night Sight, and Portrait photography. Pro-level modes from the Pixel 7 Pro, such as 10-bit HDR video, are also included, along with the Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur tools. The Pixel Fold also introduces the Rear Camera Selfie feature, offering the highest quality selfie on a Pixel device yet. Moreover, the device can be set up in tabletop mode for group selfies and astrophotography shots in tent mode.

An upcoming feature with Android 14, powered by the Tensor G2, is the Dual Screen interpreter mode, which uses both screens to translate live conversations, enabling more natural interactions across different languages. This feature is set to launch later this year. Pre-orders for the Pixel Fold, at least in Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, begin today at $1,799, which includes a complimentary Google Pixel Watch.

T-Mobile: Promoting Pixel 7a but no Fold

T-Mobile has announced a significant promotional campaign around the Pixel range. New and existing T-Mobile customers are now eligible to receive a Google Pixel 7a at no additional cost, an offer that begins today. Moreover, the telecommunications giant has confirmed that Google’s debut foldable phone, the Pixel Fold, will soon be available on its network.

T-Mobile customers can obtain a free Pixel 7a by adding a line on most plans or trading in an eligible device on Go5G or Go5G Plus plans. The offer extends to T-Mobile’s new Go5G Plus plan, which allows upgrades every two years and includes additional benefits, such as Netflix, free in-flight Wi-Fi, free international high-speed data, and participation in T-Mobile Tuesdays.

Customers who pick up a Pixel 7a can also receive a pair of Google Pixel Buds A-series for free. T-Mobile has emphasized that these offers apply to all its customers, including those attached to T-Mobile for Business. The Pixel 7a is priced at $20.84/month on T-Mobile’s no-interest equipment installment plan over 24 months, available in Charcoal, Snow, and Sea colors.