globellColorSuite Can Calibrate from a Distance

globellColor of Koblenz, Germany has developed colour calibration hardware and has now extended the scope of its technology to support a range of Eizo ColorEdge displays.The monitors have been supported with the collaboration of Eizo Europe, the company said so that the calibration can be stored in the LUT in the monitor.

The company highlighted that its technology can measure the display, but also takes into account the ambient light during calibration and the reflections from the screen, allowing calibration of the image at a distance away from the monitor, rather than just at the display surface. Most calibration systems cover the front of the display and so do not take account of the viewing conditions.

The globellColorSuite for PCs and Macs costs €249. Compatible displays are the:

CG210, CG211, CG220, CG221, CE210W, CE240W, CG241W, CG301W, CG222W, CG232W, CG242W, CG243W, CG223W, CG245W, CG303W, CG275W, CG246, CG276, CG277, CG247, CG247X, CG248, CG318, CG2420, CG2730