Gagnon Warns on Inelastic Market for Large TVs (IC7)

In a talk over lunch, Paul Gagnon of IHS gave a good talk on TV trends. He was very interesting on the conservative nature of buyers of very big screens. The sales of very large (>60″) are really quite small. Price elasticity is very low in large TVs. Simply dropping prices doesn’t drive real volume.

Gagnon IHS Large TVs inelasticity

Gagnon IHS Large TVs

Looking at set controls, there are many ways to control sets, but there is no clear hierarchy in how or where you control the TV from. Is it from a tablet or a phone, or a media player? Gagnon said “the dust has yet to settle”.

Looking to the future, Gagnon sees the possibility that the next five years will see big curved displays as the main innovation. LG Display has shown “wallpaper” TV.