Fujitsu Display Group Has Lots to Show

The Fujitsu Display group had a good range of new technology and products on show at the event and is enjoying life at the moment. It has been getting the results from closer collaboration between the product group and the sales teams and that has meant optimised product and pricing points. The group has focused on ‘sweet spots’ that allow it to make attractive offers for public and private tenders and its sales are up this year on last.

There were a number of new developments including a 34″ curved monitor with 3440 x 1440 resolution that is in the ‘B’ Business Line of products, rather than the ‘P’ line as the company believes that it is very suitable for office tasks, but not so suitable for CAD, for example, as designers want to see straight lines. The company was showing it alongside a new dual 24″ monitor set up and the comparison highlighted how much nicer the single monitor is, without the centre bezel of the dual monitor set-up. However, some still like the dual monitor system and so the option is available. The B34-9E 21:9 monitor will be available around the end of February and pricing is likely to be around the €800 mark.

Fujitsu B series

The Dual stand has a port replicator and can support a height adjustment range of 130mm.

Also new was the B24-9 TE which has a ‘three side frameless’ design. Fujitsu likes to have physical controls as its customers like these, so four side frameless products are not really useful for them. The new monitor is designed to be used alongside the P24-9 TE and both have USB Type-C docking. However, the P has a DisplayPort through connection, while the B does not. It does mean that a B line monitor can be used alongside the more expensive P9 docking monitor. The P9 has 60W of power for charging. Both have USB Type-A ports for keyboards and other peripherals, and both have Type-C ports as well, although they only support USB functions, rather than the Alt-mode or power. The addition of Type-C docking adds around €50 to the cost of the monitors, so should be an attractive option for those that want to use it for universal docking.

Fujitsu P SeriesChanges in the Fujitsu P Series

The company also had a new 55″ FullHD monitor with 10 point infrared touch. It is designed to allow a Fujitsu Esprimo Q mini-PC to be mounted on the back, making it a fully self-contained system and making it simpler for corporate IT departments to approve the product if they already have those units deployed. The monitor is due to ship around now and will cost around €1,200.

Analyst Comment

One of the interesting developments at Fujitsu that was apparent at the show is that there has been a big move back to a light grey colour, rather than the black products that tended to be promoted earlier. It seems that Germany corporates and public bodies like these lighter displays. (BR)