Freeview Play Adds Support for HLG

Digital UK has set out new requirements for Freeview Play for products developed in 2017 and which will include support for the features in HbbTV 2.0.1, extending from DTG’s D-Book (Version 8).

Key features in the updated specification include:

  • Mandatory support for the decoding of HEVC for programmes delivered via broadband
  • Optional support for Ultra HD and HDR content via broadband
  • Enhanced subtitling in on-demand programmes using the EBU-TT-D standard
  • Support for additional content protection technologies

The new products are also expected to have better searching. The group said that Freeview Play is currently available in Panasonic, JVC and Finlux TVs, and is being rolled out across a number of LG televisions this year. Recorders from Panasonic and Humax allow viewers to add Freeview Play to their existing set (and we reported in our IBC report that Vestel will soon join that list). Products from Sharp, Manhattan and other leading manufacturers will follow, Digital UK said.

Analyst Comment

Freeview Play combines FTA terrestrial content with catch up TV and an EPG. The specification can be downloaded here. We checked out the support for HDR and found that it supports the HLG EOTF and does not provide for support of PQ. D-Book 9 will be published later this year. (BR)