Flanders Scientific

Flanders Scientific’s started by showing us its CM250 OLED monitor which has had a firmware upgrade to better handle and check metadata in HDR content. The monitor can be used on set with cameras that directly produce content with the PQ curve. The company was also showing a 31″ DCI 4K monitor with P3 support and based on a prototype IPS panel. Contrast was quoted at 1,500:1.

The main product news was the announcement of the DM240, a 1920 x 1200 16:10 monitor that is pre-calibrated from the factory. Features include an option to pre-load 16 3D DIT LUTs that can be simply selected on the monitor and can also support LUT updates over IP. It can also grab frames from incoming video and allow transmission over IP. The monitor can be completely controlled remotely over IP. There is a ‘zero delay’ mode that ensures input lag of less than one frame and multiple flip modes. A range of waveform and audio monitors can be displayed. To support HDR cameras, C-Log, S-Log, S-Log2, S-Log3, and BMD-Log monitoring modes are integrated and there is even a mode to show 3D disparity between two inputs.

Flanders DM240 MonitorThe Flanders DM240 Monitor was being shown with a 6500K Medialight as an ‘ambilight’-style backlight. Image:Meko

The monitor has 450 cd/m² of output and 1,500:1 contrast with a gamut that goes beyond P3 and inputs include DVI-D, DisplayPort and BNC for SDI. It will be available in October for $4,000.