Eyevis Upgrades Tower Simulator

Eyevis said that it has upgraded the TOSIM (TOwer SIMulator) Green that is run by Skyguide in Dübendorf, near Zurich, Switzerland. Whereas previous upgrades used rear projection systems, the new upgrade used front projection displays. Fixed to a newly designed ceiling structure, 17 eyevis projectors (ESP-LHD-1000) were installed to create views of different airports to the trainees in the tower simulator.

The images are combined into a single 360˚ simulation with a 9.5m diameter. As the ESP-LHD-1000 projectors are equipped with lenses providing a 0.65:1 throw ratio, there was no more need for the previous mirror system that deflected the images of the replaced D-ILA projectors.

With a brightness output of approximately 1000 Lumens, Full-HD resolution with 1920×1080 pixels, colour stability and high reliability in long-term operation thanks to long-life LED technology and maintenance-free heatpipe cooling, the Eyevis projectors are claimed to have fulfilled all requirements of the customers. The overlapping zones of the projected images are corrected using Vioso software for auto alignment and edge-blending of multi-projection systems.

Eyevis has updated the TOSIM