World’s Largest Aviation In-Flight Entertainment OLED Display Unveiled

Rosen Aviation, based in Eugene, Oregon, has unveiled the world’s largest aviation production in-flight entertainment (IFE) display – a 97” 4K OLED screen, measuring over 8 feet diagonally. E

Source: Rosen

According to Executive and VIP Aviation magazine, it is expected to receive STC later this year. STC stands for supplemental type certificate. It is an approval granted by aviation authorities, such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the US, that allows for modifications to an aircraft’s design while ensuring that the modified aircraft still complies with the airworthiness standards of the jurisdiction. An STC can be obtained for changes to an aircraft’s structure, systems, powerplant, or any other significant change not originally part of the aircraft’s original certified design. In the context of your earlier information, obtaining an STC would be necessary to ensure that the integration of the new 97” 4K OLED display into an aircraft meets safety and regulatory standards.

This OLED is set to be the biggest integrated into an aircraft cabin according to Rosen. Despite its size, the product prioritizes low weight and sleek design. Following earlier releases of 48″, 55″, 42″, 65″, and 77″ OLEDs in 2022, Rosen now has a complete OLED range from 22″ to 97″ for various aviation needs.