Dahua Launches New Flip COB Chip LED Display, the CH II

The CH II is a new display from Dahua incorporating the company’s flip chip on board (COB) technology for LED displays. The company claims its surface luminescence provides softer, pixel-free illumination, which counters digital visual fatigue, and ensures uniform color from all viewing angles by perfecting ink color parameters, addressing and eliminating the industry challenge of batch ink color discrepancies.

Source: Dahua

The display is dustproof and fingerprint-proof, waterproof, moisture-resistant with PPM<20, and can withstand slight bumps without damage. It has a claimed contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and provides a 160° horizontal and 160° vertical ultra-wide viewing angle.

FeatureFlip COBSMD
Mounting TechniqueDirectly bonded to the PCB or substrate without traditional wire bonding.Individual LED packages soldered directly onto the PCB.
Size and Pixel DensityAllows for a more compact design and higher pixel density due to the lack of individual packaging around diodes.The presence of individual packages might limit the closeness of LED arrangement, potentially resulting in a lower pixel density.
Protection & DurabilityBetter protection due to encapsulation of the LED chip.Might be more susceptible to physical damage because individual LEDs are exposed.
LED ConfigurationSingle LED chip can serve the display purpose.Typically contains multiple diodes (e.g., red, green, blue) in a single package for full-color displays.
Heat DissipationOften offers better heat dissipation due to direct bonding with the substrate.Might be less efficient in heat dissipation compared to COB.
Repair & MaintenanceCan be more challenging because individual LEDs aren’t easily replaceable.Easier to replace individual malfunctioning LEDs.

Dahua is emphasizing the energy efficiency, with each cabinet consuming less than 75W, claiming a 40% reduction in energy use compared to surface mount display (SMD) products. For the target audience of systems integrations, the CH II is supposed to provide simplified and quick maintenance with full front access.

Pixel Pitch0.9375mm
Pixel Configuration1R1G1B
LED TypeFlip COB Chip
Brightness (Max)800 nit
Color Temperature9300K ± 200K
Viewing AngleH160° / V160°
Pixel Density1,137,778 dots/m²
Module Size150mm×168.75mm
Module Resolution160×180 dots
Cabinet SizeW600mm×H337.5mm×D40mm
Cabinet Resolution (W×H)640×360 dots
Cabinet Weight4.0 kg ± 0.1
Cabinet MaterialDie-casting Aluminum
Operating Temperature/Humidity-10℃~+40℃/10~80%RH
Storage Temperature/Humidity-20℃~+60℃/10~80%RH
IP RatingFront IP65/Rear IP43
Aspect Ratio16:9
Gray Scale13 bit
Contrast Ratio10000:1
Refresh Rate3840Hz
Input VoltageAC 110~220V (+/-10%)
Input Power (max)370 W/m2
Input Power (Avg)125 W/m2
InstallationWall Mounted/Floor Mounted
MaintenanceFront Maintenance
Lamp Lifespan≥100,000 H
Signal Transmission DistanceCAT5 Cable ( L≤100m ), multi-mode fiber ( L≤300m ), single mode fiber (L≤10km)