Eyevis UK Completes Power Station’s 24/7 Control Room Upgrade

Control room video wall and audio visual experts eyevis UK has completed a project to upgrade the 24/7 control room at a major UK power station.

Working with independent system integrator Capula, eyevis has installed a system which ensures that staff get all the essential operational data they need in a quick and efficient way.

As well as providing nine of its EYE-LCD-7000-LE-700 70-inch edge LED backlit LCD displays, eyevis UK also provided the required modifications to the display enclosure, structure and facia with the help of its furniture partner Intech Solutions.

Rugeley Coal Fired Power Station in Staffordshire is committed to the generation of low cost electricity in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

It produces approximately 1,000 megawatts of electricity, which is fed into the National Grid system at 400,000 Volts. The power output is enough to meet the needs of approximately half a million homes.

The site covers a large area and has a variety of buildings housing all the necessary plant and equipment used in the production process, meaning it is vital that the control room operates efficiently at all times.

Burnley-based eyevis UK provides video display and audio visual solutions to a range of clients and sectors and has supplied CCTV control rooms for power stations, local authorities, banks, road traffic monitoring, emergency services, blue chip retailers, security services, prisons and other Government buildings.

Managing director Steve Murphy: “The main control room at Rugeley power station provides essential process control data to the 24/7 operations personnel and it is vital that it has state of the art equipment which can be relied upon.

“When Rugeley needed to change out its current end-of-life projection systems, we were delighted to work with our systems integration partner Capula to deliver the required upgrade and changes.

“The existing display equipment had a significant annual maintenance cost associated with it, particularly for the regular UHP lamp replacements and after discussing all of the options available, Rugeley decided on eyevis LED edge backlight 70-inch LCD displays.

“As in all of eyevis’ installations, Health and Safety procedures are paramount, especially on this project, with the added safety issues surrounding the hoisting of equipment up to the control room floor.”

eyevis UK, which also has bases in London and Manchester, has two UK demonstration venues to allow potential customers to witness at first hand the state-of-the-art products which can help them.

The venues, in Euston, London, and Stockport, Manchester, are operated on an appointment basis and clients can provide details of the issues they face in advance so eyevis UK can demonstrate how their technology can help.