Matrox Debuts Luma Pro Series Graphics Cards for Advanced Digital Signage and Video Walls

Matrox Video has launched its latest line of graphics cards: the Luma Pro Series. These cards, which are powered by Intel Arc GPUs, are designed for use in digital signage and video wall systems. The series features two models: the Luma A310FP, a low-profile card, and the standard-height Luma A380P.

Source: Matrox

The new graphics cards can support two 8Kp60, two 5Kp120, or four 5Kp60 DisplayPort 2.1 monitors. By using multiple cards, they can drive a video wall of up to 16 synchronized 5Kp60 displays.

These graphics cards are aimed at OEMs, system integrators, and AV installers to deploy in control rooms, enterprise settings, industrial and government operations, the military, digital signage, broadcast, and more.

New Capabilities in IP-Based Video Walls

With the Luma Pro Series, Matrox Video offers the capability to synchronize displays by frame-locking up to four cards together. The cards support Microsoft DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.6, and OpenCL 3.0, in addition to Intel’s oneAPI and the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit.

The Luma Pro cards come with built-in GPU-based H.264 and H.265 media codec engines. With these engines and the comprehensive Matrox Mura software libraries, these cards can decode over 40 full HD streams per card. This enables the creation of IP-based video walls using only the graphics cards, making for a more cost and energy-efficient solution.

Integrating with the Matrox Video Ecosystem

The cards integrate smoothly with Matrox Video’s display wall portfolio. They can be paired with Matrox Mura IPX capture cards and Matrox QuadHead2Go multi-monitor controllers for a more extensive display configuration.

Custom Control and Long Product Life Cycle

The Luma Pro cards are bundled with Matrox PowerDesk desktop management software, which provides users with several advanced tools for configuration. Matrox Video also offers video wall APIs, SDKs, and libraries for custom control functions.

The Luma Pro cards have a product life cycle of seven years and come with a three-year warranty, extendable upon request.

MatroxLuma Pro Series
Monitor SupportUp to two 8Kp60, two 5Kp120, or four 5Kp60 DisplayPort 2.1 monitors
Video Wall SupportUp to 16 synchronized 5Kp60 displays
Frame-lockingYes, up to four cards
API SupportDirectX 12, OpenGL 4.6, OpenCL 3.0
Codec SupportH.264 and H.265 media codec engines
Life Cycle7 years
Warranty3 years, extendable